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The EXOTAC MATCHCAP XL is the bigger brother of the standard MATCHCAP.  

The MATCHCAP XL™ is a waterproof match case that can carry all sizes of matches from the standard kitchen strike-on-the-box safety match to NATO lifeboat matches and even the extended length REI matches. The the dual-striker design means that you can use safety matches, strike-anywhere matches, or a combination of the two.

The EXOTAC MATCHCAP XL has twice the capacity of the EXOTAC MATCHCAP and the striking surfaces have been increased.  Extra space means you can also store tinder or other small survival items.


MATCHCAP Specifications:

Available in Black, Gunmetal, Olive Drab and Orange.

The EXOTAC MATCHCAP XL Package Includes:

EXOTAC MATCHCAP XL Refill Kits are  also

available - which include replacement

Strike Anywhere and Phosphorus

materials, as well as 2 spare 0-rings.