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GearPods offer a range of items to further customise your kits.

The GearPods Stove Burner is offered as a way of enabling the user to enhance the Wilderness and Back Country kit systems, to enable the stove to use liquid fuels.

The GearPods Fuel Bottle was added to the range as a way of securely carrying liquid fuel with you.  4oz capacity.

GearPods M-EDC Dividers separate the inside compartment of a GearPods M-EDC into individual areas and, in doing so, transform the soft M-EDC into a more rigid pack. Utilizing the MOLLE/PAL webbing found on the sides of the main compartment, each divider is held firmly in place with MOLLE straps designed to require little or no long-term maintenance.

GearPods M-EDC Dividers are sold as a set of 5.

The GearPods® M-EDC Clear Pouch provides a convenient way to create a self-contained compartment within the GearPods M-EDC. Made of tough 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura®, this zippered pouch features a clear vinyl window, dual carry handles, and a velcro track for attaching the Pouch to the inside floor of the M-EDC.

Each pouch provides approximately 300 cubic inches of cargo space, with three such pouches fitting into the inside compartment of the GearPods M-EDC itself.