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GearPods Connect Systems are perfect for people looking for a way to organise and compartmentalise and carry small items of kit.

Available in the full range of colours, they comprise of either S/XL or M/L container combinations, a closed GearPods Connector and 2 pairs of GearPods Terminators.

Ideal for creating your own customised kits, or for use to keep the elements out of your kit.

The GearPods Connect Systems are available across the whole range of colours and are supplied in a

hanging blister pack.  

GearPods containers and connectors are now also available  for your customers to purchase individually.  This now provides a route to buy just what you need, in whatever colour options you want.

GearPods containers come in 4 sizes:

 Each container comes with a terminator en each end.

 Connectors are available separately.