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The EXOTAC MATCHCAP is a waterproof match case, manufactured with o-rings to create a positive seal.

The MATCHCAP™ is a waterproof match case that can carry all sizes of matches from the standard kitchen strike-on-the-box safety match to NATO lifeboat matches and even the extended length matches sold by REI. The the dual-striker design means that you can use safety matches, strike-anywhere matches, or a combination of the two.

MATCHCAP Features:

MATCHCAP Specifications:

EXOTAC MATCHCAP Refill Kits are  also

available - which include replacement

Strike Anywhere and Phosphorus

materials, as well as 2 spare 0-rings.

rrp £3.49

Oversize O-Rings are also available.

The EXOTAC MATCHCAP is available in

Black, Gunmetal and Orange.  

The MATCHCAP Package Includes: